Bencardino Services And Capabilities

Bencardino Excavating has a fleet of heavy-construction equipment, a team of 80 professionals and the experience to see through any sitework project from start to finish. Whether it’s, constructing highways, laying electrical lines, or preparing a site for new development our team will bring your project in on time and within budget.

Bencardino’s capabilities include: demolition, clearing, excavation, grading, underground utility installation for fire, storm, water and sewer, concrete, and paving. Equipment rental and emergency services are also offered.


    Bencardino Excavating provides clients with a number of services, all which fall under the umbrella of complete site work excavation. The experienced professionals at Bencardino Excavating work every day in a wide array of environmental and weather conditions. They know how to adapt, overcome and get the job completed on time, no matter the conditions.

    Total site work excavation includes everything from clearing the area to moving dirt to the installation of water, sewer, fire and storm lines. Bencardino Excavating has a highly skilled, professional staff and an arsenal of modern construction equipment for every project no matter the size or scope...Read More


    Bencardino Excavating specializes in the installation of water mains, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, pumping stations and various other underground utilities.

    The skilled professionals at Bencardino Excavating deliver the highest level of quality to each project, so that a water main installed today doesn't become a water main break tomorrow...Read More


    Bencardino Excavating provides demolition and land clearing exercising the highest level of safety and professionalism. As soon as clients are ready to break ground, Bencardino Excavating's construction professionals come in and move mountains.

    Whether our clients need trees moved, existing structures demolished or various other site work prep completed, they trust that Bencardino Excavating will complete the work in a timely manner while maintaining the integrity of the construction site to get the project underway and completed as soon as possible...Read More


    By processing, screening, and crushing concrete and asphalt at your site, you get finished product, help the environment, and pay way less than current delivered prices for new materials.

    Concrete and asphalt pavements are the nations most widely recycled products. Twice as much pavement is recycled than paper, glass, plastic, and aluminum combined. Bencardino helps you turn waste product into valuable material that you can re-use as part of new roads, roadbeds, shoulders and embankments. The re-processed material never leaves your site, ensuring that EPA regulations are complied with...Read More


    Bencardino Excavating takes a unique approach to concrete and asphalt paving clients. We design all of our own curbs, side walks, concrete, electrical and HVAC pads, to provide our clients with an exceptional end result.

    Bencardino Excavating will complete concrete or asphalt paving work as part of a total excavation project or as a separate service offering. From a new or expanded driveway to parking lots and other commercial projects, Bencardino Excavating guarantees the highest level of workmanship and quality...Read More


    Bencardino Excavating works with many mechanical and electrical contractors and plumbers to provide service offerings including under slab installation to mechanical pipe trench, electrical duct banks, and laying piping and electrical lines.

    Our team of highly skilled professionals will complete all work either as the total site contractor or sub contractor delivering quality service in a timely manner...Read More


    Bencardino Excavating handles a range of emergency service issues related to electrical, heating, plumbing and any other underground utilities. Your headache is our expertise.

    Bencardino Excavating also rents
    construction and excavation equipment...Read More